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Old Age Homes for Bedridden in Thane

Smit Old Age Homes for Bedridden in Thane is one of the leading service providers of bedridden services. Old Age Bedridden service, credit goes to our professionals who are experienced, skilled and help the patient with care and honesty. We seeing your loved one bedridden and suffering can be among the most emotionally draining experiences of life. Worse condition sometimes feels to give the best care to our old age homes to being unable to do much to alleviate their suffering and not being able due to various constraints, chiefly time.

The results of a study throw this situation in sharp focus – according to the study, out of 4.5 million people above the age of 60 in the Mumbai/Thane Cities of India, a shocking 4% are bedridden.

These bedridden patients face various worst problems, including non-availability of Family support, feeling of tension/nervousness, high blood pressure, among others. In India, Almost 30% of the patients in the study said they were due family dispute and lack of family support and no regular routine checkup of a health condition or were found to be without adequate care.

Most bedridden patients stay at their homes and got family member supports. But, over a period now it becomes exhausting and not getting old age family support. In such a situation SMIT Old Age Homes taken care for immense help to bedridden patients as their family.

Old Age Homes Bedridden Patients?

There are several reasons for a patient to be bedridden. Fracture of the spine, paralysis, coma, surgery, head injury, trauma, end-of-life care, Old Age Homes patients has an issue with old age stroke that forces old age to become bedridden. Such people require home-based health care services for speedy and good recovery.

Common problems for Old Age bedridden patients

Bedridden patients are the worst condition of health problems.

  • Ulcers or bedsores: Foremost among the problems are pressure ulcers or bedsores. If we don’t checkup routine and timely then bedridden patients could go undergo the worst condition and cause further complications.
  • Body Muscles Weakness: Due to lack of normal activity and body movement has cause muscle pain and increased weakness and circulation of blood and no movement for long periods of inactivity, bedridden patients may experience muscle weakness.
  • Back Pain complications: No Movement of a body also causes pulmonary congestion, pneumonia and back pain. It is important to keep rotating the patient to avoid these complications.
  • Tension and high Blood pressure are also common among the bedridden. In this situation, Family has to Support by way of Love, care attention, companionship, and empathy are needed to stay them removed from depression.
  • The sleep issue is yet one more major issue for bedridden patients. Their misbehavior causes them discomfort, which in turn hampers their sleep. To alleviate this situation and to keep them at ease, special beds and clean mattresses should be used to avoid this situation.
  • Almost all bedridden patients complain of loss of appetite.
  • Lack of activity.
  • General loss of interest in life and side-effects of assorted medicines play worst condition for appetite to patients. It’s important to keep them on a healthy diet to spice-up their immunity and energy levels.
  • Bowel and bladder connected issues like urinary tract infections,A symptom of diarrhea are biggest and common health problem.

Care for a bedridden patient: The challenges

We Caring for Old Age Home bedridden patient can prove to be an uphill task. We should take care of every bid movement and touch their soul of happiness and sadness and be a loved one of old Age Bedridden patient that dependent on you for all routine daily activities can become overwhelming. Sooner or later it starts taking a toll on the person who has taken up this family responsibility. The bedridden patient always kept and feels in comfortable zones by providing both physical and emotional support. In spite, if we give him best family support and they believe us it’s beyond the capacity of the inexperienced hands of an individual or even a family.

Comfort, personal hygiene, medication, treatment, food, exercise, and companionship, are basic daily needs of a bedridden patient. If we do the routine checkup of patients and looking health care have to be on their toes round the clock.

Some of the caretaking needs Family doctor medical professional skills which give information on timely. Suctioning and clean up the airway, feeding through food pipes, dressing the Democritus ulcer wounds, a urinary catheter is expected to be handled by nurses.

Yet, generally, they might be at a loss to tackle bound things situations. It becomes an excessive amount for one person to produce the desired care to the bedridden person, leading to caregiver stress. At this time, the caregiver would be in want of a help. In such circumstances, home-based attention care services are the simplest possibility. This mode of providing care to the illness and his/her family is currently gaining wide acceptance in India.

Risks faced by bedridden patients

  • Old Age Homes Bedridden patients develop bedsores or pressure sores
  • Due to inactivity, the patient may develop blood clots in veins. If this travels to the lungs, heart or brain, it will result in strokes.

Bedsores begin with terribly gentle redness on the skin. If left unattended, these become painful and switch to a significant medical condition. It’s very important to keep a check on bedsores. A qualified, well-trained caregiver would shrewdness best to prevent bedsores yet on treat them (where it’s already broken out).

The Do’s and Don’ts for bedridden patients

  • Preventing bed sores: Perform daily skin review to check for reddening of the skin, particularly in bony areas like knees, hips, shoulders, ears, tailbone, and buttocks.
  • Keep skin clean and dry. Clean the skin with gentle soap and water; pat dry.
  • Moist the skin: Use body lotion to stay the skin lubricated. Use powder to dry the folds of the skins, such as armpits and under the breast.
  • Keep the patient hydrated. Dehydration can prove fatal.
  • Take nutritious diet: Healthy and wholesome diet is incredibly necessary to spice up the patient’s immunity. Keep a diary to record all meals taken.
  • Do strengthening exercises: To prevent muscle weakness, exercises should be done, keeping in perspective the patient’s condition. If the patient can walk a little, help him/her walk around as per convenience.
  • Take massages: Deep massages can help prevent blood circulation-related complications. Light massages are ideal for painful muscles and prevention of bedsores.
  • Positioning: Re position the patient every 2 hours. Never drag the patient; always lift.
  • Keep limbs elevated: Both hands and legs should be kept a little elevated to prevent swelling and help blood circulation.
  • Sit up: Sitting up is also important for the patient. If the condition of the patient permits, he/she should sit up every now and then.

Taking up home-based health care services would ensure all-round care for bedridden patients. Also, a defined health care plan ensures that the patient receives quality care from experienced attendants. Medical professionals — nurses, nutritionists, and physiotherapists — would attend to the many needs of the patient, without taxing the family members.

Special bedsore management techniques are used to help keep the patient comfortable and bedsores at bay.

What to do in case of bedsores?

In case a bedridden patient has started developing bedsores, it is highly recommended that qualified care-givers be called in. Home-based health care service is just the right solution for such critical patients.

Smit Old Age Homes has a unique bedsore care service, specially designed for bed-ridden patients. The expertise/experience of the HCAH staff in managing bedridden or end-of-life patients is commendable. They have already helped many patients and their families during such difficult days.

Smit Old Age Homes is India’s leading home-based health care service. Taking care of bedridden patients or providing care to end-of-life patients are among its specialised services.

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